Mobile Advertising Truck


Why use the same old boring methods to market your product when Sweet Treats can provide your company with dynamic advertising and sales promotions in a fun and
unique way!

Sweet Treats now offers you the most innovative way of getting your product and brand out into the market by utilizing this cutting edge advertising for extreme visual impact! Imagine your brand as big as…an Ice Cream Truck! The truck will be “wrapped” with your company logo and design and stocked with ice cream treats that will be distributed to a pre-determined target market that best relates to your desired demographic.

This unique approach allows you to reach your target audience in the areas that will create the most impact for you–beaches, skate parks, nightlife, parks, special events, and trade shows. In addition to handing out the ice cream, Sweet Treats will distribute your branded promotional products and marketing materials that will GET YOU NOTICED!

Promotional Package Includes:

    • Traditional Ice Cream Truck
    • Vinyl installation and removal—wrapped with your image!
    • Professional Drivers and Servers–dressed in your company attire if desired!
    • Custom Music to draw attention to your brand
    • Customized route and schedule
    • Wholesale pricing on Ice Cream treats

Stop using common marketing mediums and position your company as an advertising leader by reaching your customers in an entirely new and innovative way!

If a “Wrapped” truck is not in your budget-we offer banners, clinge advertising, posters, a flatscreen TV on the Dessert Truck for visual media and so much more!


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