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We specialize in catering special events such as birthday parties or any private celebrations, weddings, skate and surf contests, grand openings, music festivals, community events, car shows, corporate events, employee or client appreciation, movie sets, sports leagues, fundraisers and much more! There is no event too big or too small that Sweet Treats can’t add a unique flair to!

Our professional team will bring our custom Ice Cream Truck or dessert truck to your event and hand out our “Sweet Treats” to your guests. We can keep everybody entertained with our 3,000 watt sound system with speakers mounted on the outside of the truck. Equipped with Sirius Satellite radio, CD player and iPod player, the music possibilities are endless!

We will create a custom package for every budget. Email us today at events@sweettreatstruck.com  or call (858) 603-8965 to discuss your specific needs!


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