Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Our team of professional servers will ensure that your guests are treated to the most professional, fun, Ice Cream Truck catering experience San Diego has to offer.

Ice Cream Truck

When it comes to private events, Sweet Treats stands apart from the rest. We specialize in exclusively catering corporate and private events. Our ice cream truck is not just about serving delicious frozen treats; we offer a truly personalized experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Don't miss the chance to make your next event an extraordinary one—contact us today and let the magic of our Ice Cream Truck leave a lasting impression on your guests!


Ice Cream Motorcycles

Add something completely unique to your event with our one-of-a-kind Ice Cream Motorcycle Sidecars! You’ve never seen anything like these, and your guests will love it! Don't let the compact size fool you—despite its small footprint, our sidecars have the capacity to hold a whopping ice cream bars, so that everyone gets a sweet treat.


Ice Cream Push Cart

Have a BIG celebration in a small space? No problem! Sweet Treat has the perfect solution with our Ice Cream Push Carts! Perfect for indoor parties to keep the fun going at the office or to have the ice cream nearby as your guests dance the night away at your wedding reception. And hey, don’t forget about hosting a poolside ice cream bash this summer!

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Fat Cow

Get set for a flavor stampede with our legendary Fat Cow Ice Cream Truck! We're talking huge scoops and epic milkshakes! From rich and creamy classics to mind-blowing Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich concoctions, our Fat Cow creations are designed to crush those ice cream cravings!